Web Development Cycle

Here are the general descriptions of web development cycle:

Planning and Analysis

In this stage we gather requirements to define the scope of the website. We identify and prioritize functional requirements, as well as develop a first draft of the marketing plan.


In the design stage we will come up with agreed-upon blueprints for website construction. Wireframes are sketches that are used to depict the arrangement of information on a website. For example, where the navigational menu, video clip, or the email capture box will go.

We will also determine the general look and feel of the website. We will use graphical mock-ups to represent what pages will look like and what common elements will go on each page.

We can also further specify how transactions will flow with a process flow diagram.

Once the design specifications are agreed upon we can move to the next stage.


In this stage we will actually construct the website using the agreed upon specification from the Design phase.


In this phase we want to thoroughly test the website making sure everything functions as expected and correct problems if necessary.


For e-commerce and/or CMS-enabled websites, we conduct end-user training to teach users how to update the content of the website.